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Having a beard has various positives, throughout the chilly climate it acts like a pure scarf protecting my face and neck toasty heat, but it surely additionally (I believe) provides a little bit of character to what’s a reasonably plain face. I would seen some posts on-line of glitter beards (it is a no from me) however with the festive season approaching I believed to myself “what can I do to boost my facial foliage?” Beard baubles folks, beard baubles! 

I will confess that I requested the missus to supply some for me and as quickly as she had confirmed some have been on their method my thoughts turned to the way you truly acquired them to remain hooked up to the beard and be secure sufficient that some random could not stroll previous and rip them and half of my face off.

Costing £4.99 HERE for 9 small baubles I personally suppose these are an ideal novelty merchandise. They really feel effectively made and my curiosity as to how they’re hooked up was sorted – they arrive with little clips – not solely does this make them a chunk of p**s to stay in, a mild tug and out them come (with out the beard coming with them). Consequence.

So……what do they appear like in?

My Christmas current to my detractors – me wanting like a proper knobhead.

All in all these are an ideal, low-cost little novelty merchandise for that bearded bloke in your life – jazz up the Christmas footage, create a speaking level at your works Christmas get together or excellent as a secret Santa for the beardy bloke within the workplace – these’ll do the trick. 


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