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Have you ever ever considered that are you knockout colors? Those that make your eyes pop and pores and skin glow? These are your greatest colors and ones you need to construct your wardrobe round, and are additionally improbable in your jewelry too.  Carol Karl and I talk about extra about selecting colors and why black isn’t essentially the appropriate impartial on your wardrobe on this video interview – test it out now.

Why Do So Many Individuals Put on Black?

Most individuals inform me that they don’t know methods to combine colors, in order that they keep away from colors and go for black as a substitute because it appears simpler.

Mass media and the style business has marketed black as being probably the most subtle color, the color that goes with all the pieces and probably the most slimming color.  But that is all a  fable.

Black, it’s so in all places now it’s really boring.  After I’ve requested folks why they put on a number of black, most individuals inform me as a result of they’re not sure of what different colors to put on and it feels “secure” to them.   A lot so, that more often than not once I stroll right into a retailer and decide up a colored merchandise, the retail gross sales assistant will instantly say to me “did you see we’ve bought that in black?”  Why do they do that?  Effectively as a result of most individuals go for that secure black possibility and so they’re extra more likely to make a sale (and that retains them in enterprise).

When black first turned a trend color again within the late 80s and early 90s, earlier than that it was actually solely worn largely by widows, as night put on (glamourous and sophisticate) or by that creative crowd (once more, extra subtle), it was a extra thrilling and attention-grabbing color.  Sadly, lately it’s in all places and so not has any feeling of being a particular color to put on. 

Black is boring.

Black is probably the most slimming color so that you’re advised?  Now I’ve talked about that earlier than right here, however in the event you missed the memo, the rationale why folks assume black is probably the most slimming is the easy logic:

If mild colors advance and make you look bigger and darkish colors recede so ought to make you look smaller. – what’s the darkest color?  Effectively black.  However… in the event you take a look at one other of the properties of colors which is the spectrum of depth, if brilliant colors are advancing (bigger) and muted colors extra receding (slimming) what’s black?  It’s BRIGHT – that’s proper – as quickly as you soften black it turns into gray (not black) and so (cue Beethoven’s fifth Symphony …da na na na naaaaaaa) black is ADVANCING and makes itself extra obvious.

Additionally, colors have visible weight – white is the lightest, and black the darkest – and so black feels HEAVY (significantly on somebody who has mild colouring it’s actually noticeable).  Black weighs you down, it could possibly additionally make you seem shorter when carrying it in your prime half and a lighter color in your backside half.

So if muted colors are extra slimming, then a darker muted color will probably be extra slimming that black, ergo…

Black is NOT probably the most slimming color.

Does black go together with all the pieces?  It’s a cool, deep and brilliant color – so it goes nicely with different colors with these properties, however it actually doesn’t look good with heat colors and muted colors, different colors look method higher with these, it’s simply that most individuals have gotten so used to seeing black with all the pieces they don’t see the way it clashes.  Get my suggestions right here on methods to cease shopping for and carrying black when it’s not flattering for you.

So what must you put on as a substitute?

Discovering Your Colors

Signature colours -finding them and wearing them

Once you’re carrying colors that aren’t in concord with your individual colouring you’ll look extra washed out, pale, drained and even jaundiced, as I found once I was 16 and purchased myself a mustard yellow jumper (sweater).  Each time I wore it folks would ask me with involved appears on their faces “are you feeling OK?” to which I all the time replied that I used to be discover, and questioned to myself why they requested me that.  After I realized about colors and the way that mustard yellow color was not in concord with my cool colouring, it immediately made sense and that jumper was donated to a house the place it could be flattering to the wearer.

In the event you’re ever in a retailer and the gross sales assistant says “you simply want a brilliant lippy with that” then it’s a fantastic indication that the color is carrying you and fewer than flattering on you and needs to be prevented.

Take a look at my suggestions right here on methods to discover your black different to construct your wardrobe round.

Selecting Your Finest Metallics

Cool metals embrace silver, platinum, brushed aluminium and so forth.

Heat metals embrace bronze, gold, brushed golds and so forth.

Rose gold is a crossover between heat and funky, so can by worn by each heat and funky colouring.

Your Signature Colors

Discovdr your ideal palette of colours with a personal colour analysis in the most comprehensive and innovative colours system with 18 colour palettes to choose from the Absolute Colour System - it's lightyears ahead of the seasonal systems


These are the colors inherent in you – they’re in  your pores and skin, your lips, your eyes, your hair and whenever you repeat these colors in your garments and jewelry, you actually do look wonderful.  And really not often is black a signature color!  When doing a color evaluation one of many steps is to seek out from the generic palette of round 50 colors, the 15 which can be your private signature colors.

Your signatures are your final colors.  


Uncover Your Colors

Get a web based color anlaysis both as a stand alone service or as a part of my 7 Steps to Fashion program.


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Embrace your signature colours and wear other colours than black to look healthier and have more style



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