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Femme Fatale is popping out with one other attractive set, and this assortment is the second addition to their Tinsel assortment that was launched again in December final 12 months. These are all shimmers, which is – for me – a dream come true.


It is a plum base (it is hotter in actual life!), with green-olive-gold shimmer flakes.

2-3 coats + topcoat


It is a pale lavender base with green-blue-purple shimmer flakes.

2-3 coats + topcoat


It is an olive toned yellow base with pink-bronze-gold-green shimmer.

2-3 coats + topcoat


It is a teal base with green-gold-bronze-pink-purple-blue shimmer.

2-3 coats + topcoat


It is a berry pink/purple base with gold-orange-red shimmer flakes.

2-3 coats + topcoat


It is a dusty lavender base with green-turquoise-blue-purple-pink shimmer.

2 coats + topcoat


It is a vivid pink base with blue-lilac shimmer flakes.

2-3 coats + topcoat


It is a dusty, murky olive base with pink-green shimmer.

2-3 coats + topcoat

The gathering will probably be out there for preorder between July 1s and fifth on the FF web site, and will probably be out there although stockists too, however as traditional, these are restricted version, one presale solely!


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