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Freshly Squeezed Glow with Vitamin C, 20% – Juice Magnificence

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Freshly Squeezed Glow with Vitamin C, 20%
– Juice Magnificence
Freshly Squeezed Glow with Vitamin C, 20%
– Juice Magnificence


Juice Magnificence PREBIOTIX Freshly Squeezed Glow, Vitamin C Serum is formulated with 20% Vitamin C in its strongest kind for the pores and skin: ascorbic acid. All serums containing this potent type of Vitamin C present a coloration change over time and since Juice Magnificence doesn’t use artificial dyes to masks these coloration adjustments (clients may discover the serum turning extra orange). You probably have been available in the market for merchandise that make your pores and skin glow, maintain studying!

Ascorbic acid is understood to be unstable and may break down over time. This breakdown course of known as oxidation and happens extra quickly when the serum is uncovered to gentle, oxygen, bases, and oxidants generally. That is why our pure Vitamin C Serum was developed:

  • With antioxidants, vitamin E and ferulic acid. The mixture of Nutritional vitamins C, E and ferulic acid was discovered to be twice nearly as good as nutritional vitamins C + E collectively or ferulic acid alone. Be taught Extra
  • In an acid system to keep away from the alkaline surroundings that destabilizes the Vitamin C
  • In an opaque bottle to keep away from gentle that accelerates the oxidation
  • In an airless part to keep away from air that accelerates the oxidation

This good growth slows down the oxidation course of, however this pure response can’t be completely prevented. As ascorbic acid oxidizes, the serum coloration steadily darkens. The preliminary stage of this oxidation course of entails the conversion of ascorbic acid into dehydroascorbic acid. This pure Vitamin C Serum minimizes these preliminary phases as a result of our merchandise are so wealthy in antioxidants and thus slows the oxidation course of.

It is necessary to notice that the colour change doesn’t suggest that the serum has change into dangerous or unsafe to make use of. To stop extreme oxidation and preserve the effectiveness of a Vitamin C serum, it is really helpful to retailer it in a cool, darkish place and maintain the container tightly sealed to reduce publicity to gentle, water, and oxygen.

As Juice Magnificence PREBIOTIX Freshly Squeezed Glow, Vitamin C Serum is formulated with a excessive focus of Vitamin C (20%), the colour change might be extra noticeable than any system formulated with a decrease share of ascorbic acid. The colour change depth is straight associated to the preliminary focus of Vitamin C within the serum. These adjustments are regular! Juice Magnificence makes use of an airless opaque part and including ferulic acid and Vitamin E to make sure the efficiency of the serum over time, so we’re assured your brightening serum is lively 6 months after opening.

Juice Magnificence’s scientific crew is conscious {that a} product that’s beginning to flip, can doubtlessly trigger staining on the pores and skin, nails, or fingers, and so has established professional suggestions to make sure optimum absorption due to a easy post-application routine:

Professional-tip: Correct exfoliation previous to making use of a Vitamin C Serum will be useful so your complexion is even and clean.

Instantly after making use of any ascorbic acid product, it may be useful to use oils and lotions to create a protecting barrier, shielding the Vitamin C from publicity to air till it’s absolutely absorbed into the pores and skin. It’s particularly useful to use a excessive antioxidant moisturizer or oil corresponding to any Juice Magnificence natural components moisturizer.

Wash your palms completely with cleaning soap instantly after making use of the serum so that you don’t doubtlessly stain your fingers.