Improve Your Self-Care Routine with LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Physique Oils and Dry Physique Brush


Think about indulging in a refreshing self-care routine that leaves you with clean, supple, and radiant pores and skin whereas additionally bettering general well being. That is the magic of LAMAV’s new Ayurvedic Physique Oils, which are supposed to penetrate deep into your pores and skin and supply a rush of vitamins and hydration.

What really distinguishes these oils is the traditional Ayurvedic preparation and manufacturing process, which mixes your entire plant to amass the very best quantity of vitamins. We create these physique oils with a particular mix of important oils with Ayurvedic herbs. These physique oils are good in your pores and skin, selling rest, psychological and bodily stability, and bettering focus. So, by making use of these physique oils, you could nurture your pores and skin whereas additionally experiencing a sensation of tranquility and renewal.

Why follow a fundamental moisturiser when you’ll be able to elevate your self-care routine with LAMAV’s Organics? Do not accept simply any odd skincare product when you’ve the choice to nourish your pores and skin with LAMAV’s luxurious and natural merchandise. So, why not deal with your self to the perfect and revel in the advantages of wholesome, glowing pores and skin?

At LAMAV, we adhere to holistic magnificence and well-being, which incorporates not simply skincare but additionally self-care. That is why we’re excited to announce two newly launched merchandise that may assist you attain stability and rest in your thoughts, physique, and soul: Garshana Dry Physique Brush and Ayurvedic Physique Oils.

Garshana Dry Physique Brush

The Garshana Dry Physique Brush was created to enhance your self-care routine and is impressed by conventional Ayurvedic therapeutic practices. To advertise lymphatic drainage, improve the physique’s pure detoxing pathways, and enhance circulation, use this every day on dry pores and skin. It’s composed of 100% responsibly sourced bamboo and pure sisal bristles.

Together with pore cleaning and pores and skin rejuvenation, Garshana Dry Physique Brush stimulates mobile regeneration, which leaves pores and skin cleaner, firmer, brighter, and glowing. When used correctly, the comb provides you a wholesome shine and clean texture that may be seen and felt by gently exfoliating the pores and skin’s floor. Deeper down, this methodology aids in rising circulation and focus, relieving stress, and decreasing puffiness, giving the physique a sense of heat and vitality.

  • Start utilizing the Garshana Dry Physique Brush by making robust, quick strokes throughout the soles of your toes to extend circulation and vitality stream upwards.
  • Proceed with robust upward strokes on the legs, working in a round movement round and behind the knees earlier than returning to longer, sweeping strokes up the thighs in direction of the buttocks.
  • Start brushing your arms together with your palms, inserting average strain on delicate areas and stroking upwards over your forearms, round your elbow, and up in direction of your armpits.
  • Use spherical clockwise strokes to help digestion and reduce stomach bloating.
  • Proceed with upward strokes so far as you’ll be able to for the decrease again earlier than utilizing the comb to softly brush your neck downwards in direction of the center.

Whereas Garshana dry physique brushing might be finished alone earlier than washing or bathing, to maximise its benefits, mix it together with your every day Abhyanga therapeutic massage together with your most well-liked Ayurvedic Physique Oils.

Ayurvedic Physique Oils

LAMAV has simply launched a line of physique oils that differ from conventional moisturisers. Physique oils enter the pores and skin deeper, delivering a set of vitamins and hydration.

However with so many physique oils out there, the query is what distinguishes LAMAV Ayurvedic Physique Oils is our distinctive preparation and manufacturing course of.

Properly, we use the standard Ayurvedic strategy of preparation, together with your entire herb to extract the plant’s fat-soluble traits and assure that the utmost quantity of vitamins attain the top product. We hand-pick provider oils to present the best foundation, defending and preserving the entire delicate parts.

We then infuse every oil with Ayurvedic herbs and important oils for 14 days, hand-stirring in a copper vessel to endow the oil with therapeutic energies and be sure that every plant’s bio-active profile stays vibrant and efficient. We set up a greater grasp of the dear Ayurvedic course of by mixing in small quantities, leading to a higher-quality, extra real product for you.

Here is a easy information that can assist you select the perfect oil for you.


In case you’re weary and sluggish, UPLIFT physique oil may be exactly what you want. Ayurvedic Uplift is an unique mixture of Ayurvedic herbs and important oils. The oils embrace Blue Tansy, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine. Making use of the oil to your pores and skin would possibly assist cut back dullness and supply an immediate pick-me-up. 

The oil profoundly enters your pores and skin, revitalizing your physique and elevating your spirits. So, strive UPLIFT to really feel invigorated and rejuvenated! UPLIFT is a wonderful selection for anyone wishing to really feel rejuvenated and able to face the day, because of its pure aroma and robust content material.


UNWIND is the best physique oil for relieving stress and stress and restoring equilibrium to your thoughts, physique, and spirit. The calming smells of Lavender, Chamomile, and Neroli combine give a sensation of serenity and tranquillity on this alluring mix. 

UNWIND’s nourishing elements will go away your pores and skin clean and supple, whereas additionally helping you to unwind and rejuvenate.


NOURISH is a wonderful selection for anybody who needs to enhance their cognitive readability and emotional well-being. Sandalwood, Marjoram, and Cedarwood have been expertly blended to create emotional stability and a pleasing state of mind.

Thus, NOURISH helps in clearing the thoughts and bettering focus, restoring basic well-being. NOURISH is the best complement to any wellness routine, because of its enjoyable scent and punctiliously chosen parts.

It’s easy to make use of our oil. To activate the aroma, pour a tiny amount into your palms and rub them collectively. Take a deep breath and take up the stunning fragrance to get some great benefits of aromatherapy. 

After that, slowly and in a round movement, therapeutic massage the oil with lengthy and sweeping strokes. You can begin from downwards to upwards. 

Apply instantly after washing or bathing, when your pores and skin remains to be damp, to lock in moisture and maximize hydration results. Add a couple of drops to your tub for a very luxurious expertise.

All in all, the LAMAV Physique Oils assortment offers a complete method to self-care by nourishing and supporting the thoughts, physique, and soul. The oils are handcrafted in small portions utilizing the standard Ayurvedic strategy of preparation, combining whole herbs and important oils, to ensure the optimum amount of vitamins and therapeutic energetics to achieve the completed product.

Uncover the transformational influence of this historical apply by attempting the physique brush and Ayurvedic Physique Oils now.


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