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Jewelry and Your Options – Getting the Steadiness Proper — Inside Out Type

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Jewelry and Your Options – Getting the Steadiness Proper — Inside Out Type
Jewelry and Your Options – Getting the Steadiness Proper — Inside Out Type



How do your options influence in your jewelry selections?

On this chat with YouTube video creator and 7 Steps to Type sister Carol Karl we discuss the way to discover stability together with your options utilizing the ideas of Yin and Yang.  Should you missed our first chat all about character and selecting garments and jewelry test it out right here.

Watch it right here now

Yin and Yang = Steadiness

I’ve talked in regards to the ideas of Yin and Yang earlier than a number of occasions (you could find them right here), however to rapidly recap, when you concentrate on Yin and Yang it’s all about stability.

Steadiness between:

  • Delicate and robust
  • Female and masculine
  • Approachability and authority
  • Mild and darkish
  • Smoky and brilliant

So when you concentrate on Yin and Yang with regard to clothes and niknaks, there are totally different components associated to every.

Yin Parts of Clothes and Design embody

  • Curved strains
  • Skinny strains
  • Horizontal Traces
  • Curved shapes
  • Small shapes
  • Low distinction
  • Muted/smoky/gentle colors
  • Delicate textures
  • Light-weight materials and particulars
  • Assume materials
  • Matt materials
  • Sheer materials
  • Pure flowing patterns

Yang Parts of Clothes and Design embody:

  • Straight strains
  • Stable strains
  • Thick/daring strains
  • Vertical strains
  • Angled shapes
  • Massive scale
  • Vivid colors
  • Excessive distinction
  • Crisp materials
  • Heavyweight materials
  • Thick materials
  • Shiny Materials

Speaking with Your Clothes and Jewelry

When you concentrate on these design components and what you need to talk together with your garments, you should use these design components to craft an outfit and make jewelry choice that speaks in the way in which that you simply select.

Need to be seen as extra skilled?  Then add extra Yang particulars to your outfits.

Need to be seen as extra approachable?  Then add extra Yin components to your outfits.

You’ll be able to all the time stability each of those by combining Yin and Yang in any outfit.

Use these components of design in a considerate and regarded option to offer you a unconscious benefit within the office.  Understanding that males are extra naturally Yang (so seen as extra authoritative) due to their top, deep voices and strong, heavyweight, vertical clothes kinds signifies that as a lady it’s essential to have the ability to select what you put on in a approach that offers you some further energy, and so figuring out this unconscious, silent language is a improbable software to make use of when deciding what to put on.

What are Your Options?

  • Are you taller or shorter?
  • Are you darkish haired or honest?
  • Do you could have a excessive worth distinction or a low one?

Every of those components of your personal design will influence how others deal with you.  Simply as I found once I went from being darkish worth and excessive worth distinction, to mild worth and decrease worth distinction, I used to be informed I appeared “friendlier” but  I hadn’t modified, it was simply my colouring.

Selecting Jewelry to Match or Steadiness Your Options

Fascinated by the ideas of Yin and Yang, and the remainder of the outfit you’re selecting, you may select to make your outfits seem:

Extra Yang

  • Bigger scale jewelry
  • Larger distinction jewelry
  • Extra angled shapes in your jewelry
More Yang necklace - angled shapes, heavier weight, larger scale

My necklace right here is extra Yang – it’s heavier weight, extra angled shapes, bigger scale and offers some distinction to my costume, my bracelet is a wider cuff in a strong material, my ring a big scale

Extra Yin

  • Smaller scale jewelry
  • Decrease distinction colors
  • Curved shapes in your jewelry
More Yin necklace and earrings - lighter weight, sparkly, curvy

My jewelry selections listed here are extra Yin – they mix with the outfit (decrease distinction) are lighter in weight, curvy in form, and extra delicate and sparkly


Or you may go for a mix of the 2, and search for jewelry that’s naturally balanced.

Erstwilder peacock necklace - balance of yin and yang

This Erstwilder necklace is a stability of Yin and Yang – it’s curvy (yin) however bigger scale (yang)


Balance of yin and yang in your jeweller - Erstwilder butterfly necklace

Right here is one other Erstwilder (Gunggamburra Butterfly) piece that has a pure stability between Yin and Yang. The curvy form of the butterflies and the dots within the design are extra Yin, however the barely bigger scale provides a bit of Yang to their look

The selection is yours and you may change up how an outfit seems simply by altering the jewelry to being extra Yin or extra Yang.

Have enjoyable enjoying with this idea.

And if you wish to dive deep into Yin and Yang, it’s lined in depth in my 7 Steps to Type program as a way to totally utilise this highly effective type of non-verbal communication to boost your life (and outfits too)!



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