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Cleaning soap was the very first thing I discovered to make on this planet of pure magnificence, and my pores and skin has change into so accustomed to the advantages of pure bar cleaning soap that every thing else makes me itch. When you’re already a pure bar cleaning soap believer and simply wish to purchase some attractive cleaning soap, go try our physique bars, STAT. However in case you’ve by no means tried Osmia cleaning soap, otherwise you’re nonetheless a physique wash believer, maybe it’ll assist to grasp why pure bar cleaning soap is completely different and significantly better in your pores and skin and for the planet.





The primary time I made cleaning soap, I understood instantly that the method of making handmade cleaning soap is one the place science and artwork come collectively. After many hours within the chemistry lab throughout my premed and medical faculty years, I knew that the chemistry of cleaning soap making could be uncompromising: you goof the recipe, you find yourself with #notsoap. However when you’ve nailed the science half, the choices for creativity with colours, textures, and scent are limitless—and endlessly enjoyable.

Bar cleaning soap is made by combining oils or strong fat (in our case, plant fat) with lye (sodium hydroxide, or NaOH). The oils are heated, permitting any strong oils like shea butter or coconut oil to soften. In the meantime, the lye will get added to water to make an answer. When each the oils and the lye are on the proper temperature (90-110 levels Fahrenheit), they’re combined collectively the place they start to bond collectively within the course of referred to as saponification.

Individuals usually ask if we use lye in our cleaning soap as a result of many have the impression that lye is a poisonous chemical. In reality, lye is utilized in all cleaning soap making—if it’s not made with lye, it’s not technically cleaning soap. Whereas lye is manufactured in a laboratory, it’s actually only a salt manufactured from sodium, hydrogen, and oxygen, and is “poisonous” solely due to its excessive pH. The pH of lye is 14, impartial pH (the place our our bodies principally operate) is 7, and the pH of hydrochloric acid is zero. If pure lye touches your pores and skin, it can burn the identical means pure acid will. That is additionally the explanation your Grandma Louise’s “lye cleaning soap” didn’t really feel good—she most likely made lye-heavy cleaning soap, the place the ratio of fat to lye was incorrect, leaving leftover lye within the completed bar. Because of this, the bar would have had a really excessive pH, which might irritate the pores and skin.

The excellent news is that we have now our cleaning soap science found out, and despite the fact that lye goes into the cleaning soap, it’s not current within the closing bar as a result of we add slightly further oil to ensure all of the lye will get fully used up within the course of. This occurs when the lye—a sodium molecule, a hydrogen molecule, and an oxygen molecule—will get disassembled and rearranged in cold-process cleaning soap, and leads to cleaning soap molecules and glycerin. The cleaning soap molecules work by sticking their little tails into grease and dust, after which letting themselves get rinsed down the drain with the water. The glycerin molecules hold your pores and skin tremendous tender and hydrated. 


Handmade cleaning soap requires a curing time of a couple of month to permit water to evaporate from the bar so it hardens appropriately. Giant corporations don’t have time to attend for his or her cleaning soap to treatment, in order that they take away the skin-softening glycerin and introduce harsh chemical components to harden their bars. That’s why the overall class referred to as “cleaning soap” acquired a nasty popularity for being drying. Cleaning soap made by the cold-process methodology does precisely the alternative in your pores and skin—it pulls moisture to your pores and skin all day lengthy.

As a enjoyable little experiment, simply google the substances for any commercially-produced bar of cleaning soap that claims it is for delicate pores and skin. 

Now evaluate that to the substances for Osmia’s Oh So Cleaning soap:

Saponified natural oils/butters of olive, mango, and castor bean; lifeless sea salt; natural buttermilk powder, natural rosemary antioxidant, non-GMO combined tocopherols 

As you possibly can see, we take a less-is-more strategy in terms of delicate pores and skin. And fewer is at all times extra for individuals with delicate pores and skin.


Now strive the identical experiment by googling a commercially-produced physique wash marketed to customers with delicate pores and skin. We would wager our backside greenback that you just discovered tright here had been far more substances within the physique wash than our Oh So Cleaning soap, and it is possible that a few of these physique wash substances have some well being issues related to them, akin to artificial perfume, DMDM hydantoin, and methylisothiazolinone. Plus, physique wash is available in a cumbersome plastic bottle, whereas our bar cleaning soap normally comes recyclable paper packaging. 


Some persons are involved about bar cleaning soap being unhygienic, however fortunately it’s been studied. While you use bar cleaning soap correctly, utilizing very heat water and a 30-second scrub, you rinse away the highest layer as you lather, and the dust and germs go down the drain. We advocate storing your bar cleaning soap on a clear, aerated floor (like our reusable soap-saver) to maintain it out of a puddle of cleaning soap soup—germs WILL proliferate in standing water. Professional-tip: preserving the cleaning soap dry between makes use of may even assist it final for ages.


Bar cleaning soap, particularly if it’s packaged by an organization like Osmia, is extraordinarily low-impact on the environmental scale in comparison with liquid cleansers. Liquid cleaning soap normally is available in a plastic bottle, whereas our bar soaps are available recyclable, FSC-certified paper packaging. Liquid cleansers have way more substances than bar cleaning soap, and require preservatives and artificial scent to cowl the chemical smells, which suggests extra substances are swept into the water therapy system or your septic area.


You utilize cleaning soap each day, on your self and probably your loved ones. You utilize it from head to toe, on virtually each inch of your pores and skin. Then it washes down your drain, the place it finally impacts issues like fish and birds and worms and flowers. There was a time when selecting pure bar cleaning soap meant LESS luxurious and extra earthy-crunchy-patchouli vibes. However that isn’t true anymore. (Have you ever regarded on the cleaning soap web page on our web site?) So right here it’s, of us—a small change you can also make that won’t solely assist the planet, however will go away your pores and skin fantastically conditioned, and make you’re feeling like you’re treating your self to a tiny luxurious each time you decide up a bar. Plus, our bars final endlessly, so your cash goes a good distance.

Save your pores and skin AND save the planet? It’s a no brainer.  

With love and plenty of soapy suds from us to you, 


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