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SPF, PA, PPD, UVA, Stars…What does all of it imply?

Solar Safety Issue (SPF)

The SPF quantity is a ratio of how a lot UV publicity your pores and skin may be uncovered to with the sunscreen on in comparison with with out. The SPF check makes use of erythema or sunburn as a marker, which is generally attributable to UVB.

Hypothetically, an SPF 30 would imply you may be uncovered to 30 instances extra sunburn inflicting UV in comparison with with out the sunscreen on.


SPF 30 doesn’t essentially imply that you would be able to keep out 30 instances longer within the solar earlier than sunburn. That’s as a result of the quantity of UV coming from the solar just isn’t at all times the identical.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is a press release on how a sunscreen absorbs totally different wavelengths of UV gentle.


Whereas the label necessities differ between areas, all of them should meet a minimal crucial wavelength of 370 nanometers.

Meaning when measured, at the very least 90% of the UV gentle the sunscreen absorbs is beneath the wavelength of 370 nanometers.

Broad spectrum is a sign that the sunscreen gives higher UVA safety than a comparable sunscreen with out the label.

UVA Circle

The UVA Circle image implies that the sunscreen’s UVA safety is at the very least a 3rd of the SPF.

If a sunscreen with the UVA Circle image has an SPF 30, you possibly can anticipate a UVA 10 or greater.

The UVA Circle image doesn’t let you know the precise UVA safety, simply the minimal you may anticipate.

UVA Safety Issue

The UVA quantity (generally UVAPF quantity) is an outline of how protecting a sunscreen is in opposition to UVA radiation.

The UVA quantity is a ratio, like SPF. A UVA 30 means hypothetically you may be uncovered to about 30 instances extra UVA with correct utility of the sunscreen than with out.

The UVA quantity may be decided in vitro (non-human testing) by measuring and evaluating the quantity of UVA gentle that passes by means of the sunscreen on textured plastic.

The UVA quantity will also be decided in vivo (human testing) with persistent pigment darkening or PPD.

Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD)

The PPD quantity is a ratio of how a lot UV the pores and skin may be uncovered to earlier than creating a long-lasting tan with the sunscreen on in comparison with with out. Lengthy lasting tans are largely attributable to UVA.

PPD is examined for on folks with Fitzpatrick Pores and skin Varieties 2 to 4 and largely measures the results of UVA.

Hypothetically, a PPD 10 would imply you might be uncovered to 10 instances the UVA with the sunscreen on, in comparison with with out.

PPD outcomes are generally labelled as UVA or UVAP. To search out out, contact a model’s customer support and ask which methodology they used to find out their UVA or UVAPF quantity.


The PA system ranges from + to ++++ and relies on values from PPD. It was developed in Japan and utilized in nations like South Korea.

PA+ = PPD 2 to 4
PA++ = PPD 4 to eight
PA+++ = PPD 8 to 16
PA++++ = PPD 16 or better

The PA system runs into points when evaluating sunscreens with greater PPD numbers. For instance, a PPD 20 and PPD 25 sunscreen would each be labelled as PA++++.

Boots Star Ranking

The Boots Star Ranking is a UVA score system utilized by the British retailer Boots.

It describes the ratio of the UVA to UVB absorption of a sunscreen and is examined in vitro (not on folks.

The check compares the ratio earlier than and after UV publicity, which accounts for the sunscreen’s photostability.

PRE 0.6 to 0.79 PRE 0.8 to 0.89 PRE 0.9 and over
POST 0.57 to 0.75 * * * * * * * * *
POST 0.76 to 0.85 * * * * * * * * * * *
POST 0.86 and over * * * * * * * * * * * *

Getting what’s on the label

Most individuals don’t apply sufficient sunscreen when unprompted. To get near the safety label on the sunscreen, the really useful quantity is 2 milligrams per sq. centimeter of pores and skin (2 mg / cm2).

There’s many various strategies to extend the quantity of sunscreen you employ. The one I desire and do most frequently is to use it twice, with an intention to reapply at the very least as soon as throughout an outside day.

We don’t must stress out an excessive amount of concerning the actual quantity we’re making use of…extra is mostly higher and reapplication could make up for a primary utility.

The most effective sunscreen is the one you take pleasure in utilizing constantly, usually, and liberally.

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